Dear Friend
June 29, 2012

Sweet friendly waves of care and trust you send
So genuine, so real and never ever you pretend
You are to all kind, honest and compassionate
No sooner did I realise you’d make a great friend and true mate.

I was hazy, I was rough, I was in pain and all in dispair,
You came into my life like a fresh whiff of air,
You gave me hopes to brighten my life more like a solitaire.
You’ve always been there and You’ve always shown me care.
There is a bond between us unexplainable that we share…

You have stocks of love piled up,
‘I need you’ I said.. and no questions asked, you ‘step up’,
Before I cry, the pain in my heart you see
Before I smile a quiver full of happiness is found in thee.

For all times sake
ForĀ all lovely conversations that we make
For the discussion on all topics that we had our take
A moment spent,
A word said,
A pleasant smile,
A roaring laughter,
all these we had but was never ever fake.

And for the times that we spend
Promise me that you’ll always remain my friend…

You have always been there for me
and forever my dear I always want you to be…

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Sweet friendly waves of care and trust you send So...

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Sweet friendly waves of care and trust you send So...

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There are 5 comments

  • Prashant says:

    Hope ur world is filled with such friends all along !!!!

  • Edsel Correya says:

    I am already a fan of this website. A lot of effort has gone into it. Keep it up Varsha. Looking forward to your upcoming posts, blogs and articles on this site. All the very best!!!!

  • Ketaki says:

    Great work… I just wish you and Prashant continue writing poetry…

  • Nithia says:

    Wow!! Really nice Varsha!!

  • Veronica says:

    Varshi…… Its really nice….. :)

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