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…And I Found Myself
July 2, 2012

by Prashant Prakash Mannur

In a world unasked for, I’m a disarrayed vagrant

Everything seeming blank on my vocation slate.

My senses were fooled and lo, in the next instant

Here I was, jostled by the cold hands of fate.

Too weak I’m, to carry my onerous shadow;

And ditched I’m, by my every loyal element.

A moron I look like, with my butchered ego;

My soul is perturbed due to that painful dent,

My sight’s blinded to look into my conscience,

Those very eyes streaming with tears of grief.

Fervently I’ve been searching for something intense;

That something which we call ‘Self-Belief’.

At crossroads was I, a few paces behind,

A free volition in any direction at my will.

A golden chance is frittered away, I find

Probably would have fared better in those, I feel.

With these clouds in my mind, as I stood jinxed

There came a horse galloping, reined by his master,

Ornamented with blinkers to keep its gaze fixed,

With every whip of the master, it scampered faster.

Thanks to this divine whip, here I awoke,

Up there, even I’ve a Master to heed

Now that every foolish prejudice I’ve broke;

For now I just need one big leap to succeed,

I’m a square peg in a round hole, no wonder

In every possible respect, an utter misfit hitherto,

To fit, I shall trim my every sharp corner

For now, even I have a dream to cling to.

Because I’ve one man to care for — it’s me

Indubitably amongst the herd, I’m my best friend,

And also in the same mob, I’m my worst enemy.

For, I can be as good as others in this trend.

The fate is challenged but I want the last laugh;

For the brighter aspects I view in everything I see.

Something good and warm should beam from my epitaph

When I finally rest at the end of my odyssey.

The mist of uncertainty cleared showing the horizon,

Birds chirped in gay for the advent of new dawn.

‘I’ve found myself’ I proclaimed and then

I moved on and on and on and on and on and……


Prashant Prakash Mannur is a Doctor by profession, specialised in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. He works for ESI Hospital, Bangalore.

 Prashant is an avid reader. His favourite author is ‘Leo Tolstoy’. Among his varied collections of writing, he has shared with us a beautiful poetry about which, he candidly says “This poem was my first and only attempt at alternate line rhymings… and hence close to my heart too…”

Prashant is the first guest writer on Varsha’s Chronicle and we thank him earnestly.

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